Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I need Career Checkup?

    Like physical health, career also needs frequent check-ups to keep it robust during lifetime. Most people reassess their car more than their own career - the source of the wealth that will buy the car they care more! There comes in CareerCheckupClinic to cater this exclusive assessment service to individuals and organisations.

  2. What does the Assessment involve?

    The Assessment is based on the principles of phychometrics, graphology and anthropometrics among others. Each assessment will be tallied against each other to prepare a final report.

  3. Does your micro-level assessment of personality and behaviour have anything to do with career?

    Obviously, it is a standard practice in the industry that people are hired for their skills, but get fired for their behaviour. Our Assessment preinforms about such mismatches both to job-seekers and to job-givers to avoid disappointment later.

  4. How much time does a Checkup take?

    Maximum an hour to fill a simple form and upload a file. However, it could vary from person to person.

  5. How many days does it take to receive the Assesment?

    2-3 weeks from the date of submission, because:

    • Each assessment is meticulous as it is done manually and involves four recognized components of behavioural and personality assessment, and
    • The overwhelming number of applicants.

  6. How accurate is the Assessment?

    As accurate as weather forecasting.

  7. How much does each Assessment cost?

    £599 (five hundred and ninety-nine British Pounds) for individuals.

    £999 (nine hundred and ninety-nine British Pounds) for organisations.

    Once submitted, the sum is not refundable because our experts start analysing immediately after submission. The above prices do not include the 25% VAT.

  8. Do you offer any rebate?

    We provide 20% discount to the HR departments of organisations in case they order our service in bulk (for 20+ persons at a time). For such arrangements write to us with detailed proposal.

    For individuals, we provide 25% discount in case someone wants to gift our Assessment service as a birthday voucher to their near and dear ones. What else could be the best gift on a birthday than something like our Assessment that transforms one's life! To avail birthday discount, it should be ordered at least 12 weeks ahead of the birthday of the specific person.

  9. Isn't it expensive?

    The fee is relatively very cheap for a lifetime investment for a meticulously-customized Assessment what you do not get anywhere even in the formal educational institutions where you burn hundreds of thousands of your own hard-earned money to get graduated. Besides, portion of the proceeding goes to the disadvantaged groups in developing countries.

  10. Why is this site text-oriented without any colourful pictures / graphics?

    Because career planning is a serious business. It is not the appearance of our site, but our final assessment report that brings colours to your life instead.

    Second, this site is inspired by functional design of Warren Buffect's company, Berkshire Hathaway

    According to our IT consultant, such optimised text-based design was adopted in order to render uninterrupted and smooth service to our customers and clients.